Buying a home is learning experience, especially for first time homebuyers. Because the learning curve is so steep when buyers first enter the real estate market, there are a lot mistakes that homebuyers often make.

Some are big and some are small, but all of them can prevent you from enjoying what should be an amazing experience. Sure, there is some stress that goes along with purchasing a home, but this should be a big step in your life that you enjoy taking.

So, don’t make it any worse on yourself by making these first-time homebuyer mistakes.

You’re Searching on Too Many Websites

The Internet is an amazing tool to use to search for a home, but buyers must beware of many of the real estate websites out there.

It’s not that they aren’t…

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Whether you are single, in a relationship or a part of a family, buying a new home is a big step. While you’re walking through any number of San Diego open houses, it’s easy to become so enamored by the process of buying a house that you may not think as clearly as you always should be.

Because of this, some people rush into buying a home that may not be the most perfect fit for themselves or their family. So, while you are out on the hunt, we encourage you to be mindful of your future by taking these questions into consideration before buying a house.

How Big Will Your Family Grow?

The size of your family, both current and in the future, is integral to the house that you are going to purchase.

One of the most important aspects to consider…

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One of the top concerns that first time homebuyers have is how much money they should put down on a new house. The number that always gets thrown out there is 20 percent, and even in the San Diego real estate market, that can be a lot of money for people to have to put down on a house.

Just to put the percentage into a real number, 20 percent of a house that costs 300,000 dollars equates to 60,000 dollars as a down payment. Even for a homebuyer who has a stable job and a good amount in savings, this kind of money is a huge investment that many people either cannot or are unwilling to make.

The Good News

The good news that many people don’t know is that you don’t have to put 20 percent down on a house (not even close). Most people can get a new…

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