Buying a home can require a certain amount of patience.  After all, it’s not as simple as driving up to a house with a for sale sign, knocking on the door, and handing the owner a check for the cost of the home.  Unless, of course, you have a few hundred thousand dollars in cash on hand. 

If you do happen to be one of the few who can pay for a home in cash, and you know exactly what you’re looking for, you could theoretically find and purchase a home in a week or two. 

But that’s hardly the norm. 

For most people, home buying is a multi-stage process, and the window of time each stage takes can be hard to predict.  Especially the initial stages. 

Searching, Hoping, and Saving 

Depending on how particular…

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There comes a time in most homeowners lives where you’re ready to sell your home.  Whether it’s your first house or your fifth, you reach a point when it’s time to move on.  Of course, selling your home isn’t quite as simple as sticking a sign in your front yard and waiting for the offers to come pouring in.

It’s a process that requires strategy and assistance, even before it’s on the market.  So if you’re looking to sell in the near future, here’s what you should do.

The Little Fixes

Obviously you’re not looking to do any major renovations on your home before you say goodbye to it, but some minor repairs can go a very long way in attracting buyers.  Choosing a home is as much an emotional decision as it is anything else.

A few too many holes,…

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Home buying involves a lot decision making.  Where do you want to live?  What’s your budget?  How many bathrooms do you need?  Some of the answers to those might alter as you get deeper into your search. 

But there’s one question that needs to be answered sooner rather than later: who’s going to be your real estate agent? 

Your realtor will be your means for home searching, touring, negotiating, and more.  They will be your house hunting partner, assisting you in navigation the market.  That’s why it’s so important to choose the right one. 

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent? 

Technically speaking, as long as it’s your property that’s being bought or sold, you don’t legally need a realtor.  But the world of home buying is…

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