Buying a home is a big investment, which means everyone wants the best deal available.  But they also want a lot of options.  After all, you don’t want to feel like you’re settling when you purchase your house.  

And so, arguably the most popular question in real estate has become “when is the best time to buy?” 

The truth is, any time can be a great time if you find a home you love for a price you can afford.  But you probably want a better answer than that, so let’s look at some different situations. 

Best Time for Variety 

Want the biggest and best selection?  Springtime and summer consistently offers a large volume of houses on the market.  Schedules tend to be more open, everyone is wanting to be outside and…

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Buying your first home can seem like a big and scary (if not impossible) process.  For starters, you’re probably not sure where to even begin.  And since you don’t own a home currently, you might not have much in terms of equity and assets to leverage. 

For a current homeowner, they can sell their house and put that towards the new one.  For you, well, there’s a lot of money that needs to come from somewhere. 

That’s why first time homebuyers are given the special treatment, and we don’t just mean people are nicer to you.  If you’re a first time buyer, there are exclusive loans, programs, rates, and rules available for you. 

In a lot of ways, it can actually be easier for you to buy a home if you never have before.  How so? …

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