As a home buyer, your real estate agent is there to help you find the house that you’ll call home. But even the best realtors are limited by the direction you give them.

To paraphrase Jerry McGuire, you need to help them help you.

How can you be more helpful to your real estate agent?

Establish Timelines and Expectations

It’s good for your real estate agent to know what you’re thinking, especially regarding the future. Would you be ready to buy a home right now if you found the right one? Or are you just wanting to better understand the market and your options first?

What’s your timeline?

And what expectations do you have for your agent? Are you wanting to see a steady stream of new leads? What is your preferred form of communication?

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So you got yourself a realtor, put your house on the market, and even held some open houses. Now, the big moment has finally arrived. You’ve received your very first offer. You’re ecstatic, heart beat rising, blood pumping to your head as you think of life beyond your current home. 

Then you see the dollar amount, and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

You’ve Just Been Lowballed 

Receiving an offer that’s considerably lower than the amount you’re asking for can feel like a slap in the face. And that’s because it’s someone literally telling you your house isn’t worth that much. They don’t know the time and effort you put into maintaining that home. They could never appreciate the memories you made there. 

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The first time you purchase a home, someone will hopefully warn you about closing costs. You know, those final fees you have to pay before your house officially becomes yours. 

Closing costs can certainly be a pain point for some, especially when you’ve put as much of your savings as possible towards the down-payment.  Many homebuyers are left wonder: 

What exactly is the closing cost? And why does it exist? 

Closing Cost Definition 

Closings costs are fees paid when you officially seal the deal on a real estate purchase. That is, when the title is officially transferred from the seller to the buyer. 

Who Pays for the Closing Costs? 

Both the buyer and the seller pay their own sets of closing…

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