So you bought a home, and while it was great for a season, you’re ready to sell it. But how exactly do you sell a home? 

As you might imagine, selling a home is a little different from buying one. Sure, a few parts are the same, but the responsibilities are flopped. To complicate things further, you’re probably looking to buy a new home to move into. 

How can you possibly navigate all of this? 

A Real Estate Agent Can Help 

While you can technically sell your home without an agent, they make the process much easier. They’ll get your house listed properly on the full market, they assist with advertising, they’ll help negotiate deals, and more. 

It’s in the best interest of an agent to get your home sold…

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A new year means new goals. With 2017 just weeks away, many of us our planning our resolutions for the new year. While New Year’s resolutions are very common, completing those resolutions is not. 

But that doesn’t have to be the case. You just need a plan. 

If one of your resolutions for 2017 happens to be buying a home, we can help with the planning. That way, by this time next year, you’ll be sitting in a wonderful new home. 

Check Your Credit 

Your credit is going to be a big factor in your homebuying process. It will determine how big of a mortgage you can take on, what kind of down payment you’ll need, what your interest rates will be like, and more. 

In order to plan your finances and search for homes,…

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Closing on a house should be one of the most exciting times of your life. Yes, there’s lots to do: moving, unpacking, decorating.

But you’ve made it! You found a new place to call home.

Occasionally, though, things go wrong. A few weeks into the new digs, and you’re filled with doubt. You wonder if you made a huge mistake, and now, you’re stuck with an unwanted building that cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You have home buyer’s remorse.

It’s not so different from any other type of buyer’s remorse, except buying a home is a much bigger obligation, and you can’t exactly return it. The best thing to do is avoid it altogether. But before we get into that, let’s look at the most common causes of buyer’s remorse.

Common Causes for…

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