Before a home is sold, it’s almost always inspected. This isn’t actually a legal requirement. However, not having an inspection done can be a huge risk for a potential homebuyer.  

Though home inspections are most valuable for buyers, sellers can benefit from them as well. 

Advantages for Buyers 

If you’re looking to buy a home, the advantages of an inspection are pretty obvious. It’ll confirm the value of a home and/or flag issues, repair needs, and even safety concerns. Simply put, home inspections are in your best interest. After all, you’re the one who will be living there once the deal is finalized. 

It’s possible that the cost of the home can be reduced after an inspection. Or you could have the current owner…

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Launched in 2009, Airbnb flipped the world of renting, hotels, and travel upside-down. The concept was almost criminally simple. People who are traveling need places to stay, but either don’t want to pay for a hotel, or they can’t find an open room. Meanwhile, residents in popular travel spots often have an extra room or guest house that’s largely unused. 

Airbnb was the perfect way to connect these two parties, providing home owners with a new way to make some extra money. 

If you have an extra home (or even a spare room), you may have considered putting your place on Airbnb. It can certainly be lucrative. Especially if you live in a well-travelled to location like San Diego. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. 

It Takes…

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