Before a home is sold, it’s almost always inspected. This isn’t actually a legal requirement. However, not having an inspection done can be a huge risk for a potential homebuyer.  

Though home inspections are most valuable for buyers, sellers can benefit from them as well. 

Advantages for Buyers 

If you’re looking to buy a home, the advantages of an inspection are pretty obvious. It’ll confirm the value of a home and/or flag issues, repair needs, and even safety concerns. Simply put, home inspections are in your best interest. After all, you’re the one who will be living there once the deal is finalized. 

It’s possible that the cost of the home can be reduced after an inspection. Or you could have the current owner make some last minute fixes. 

As a Seller 

If you currently own a home, it’s entirely possible that there’s a thing or two wrong with it that you don’t even know about. An inspection takes the pressure off your reputation being damaged. 

Chances are, when a buyer comes around, they’ll want an inspection done. But before that even happens, you could bring in an inspector of your own to check out the place. It makes you look honest and confident in the integrity of your home. It provides you with a heads-up for a last-minute fix or two. 

And in the rare case where a buyer’s inspector tries to swindle you, you’ll be protected with your own set of facts. 

That said, if you’re selling a home that’s clearly a fixer upper, having your own inspection done probably isn’t needed. 

Choosing a Home Inspector 

If you know someone who is a quality home inspector, you’re free to use them. Otherwise, your real estate agent likely has a few proven recommendations on hand. 

If you’re hesitant to trust your agent’s inspector, that’s not a very good of your relationship with your agent. You should have a realtor you can trust. 

At Metro San Diego Realty, we work with both buyers and sellers interested in homes for sale in San Diego. Whether you need a home inspector recommendation or not, we can make sure get through the closing process smoothly.  

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