As a home buyer, your real estate agent is there to help you find the house that you’ll call home. But even the best realtors are limited by the direction you give them.

To paraphrase Jerry McGuire, you need to help them help you.

How can you be more helpful to your real estate agent?

Establish Timelines and Expectations

It’s good for your real estate agent to know what you’re thinking, especially regarding the future. Would you be ready to buy a home right now if you found the right one? Or are you just wanting to better understand the market and your options first?

What’s your timeline?

And what expectations do you have for your agent? Are you wanting to see a steady stream of new leads? What is your preferred form of communication?

Email? Phone? Text?

It’s very helpful for your realtor to know what you expect from them. It’s very difficult to meet and exceed expectations when you don’t know what the expectations are.

Be Thorough with Your Needs – Especially Deal-breakers

When you meet with your realtor, you’ll certainly discuss in detail your price range, number of rooms, general size and location. But it’s not uncommon for some crucial details to be left out.

The must-haves as well as the must-nots.

If the size of the backyard is important to you, make sure to mention that. Maybe you like to have people over, so street parking in front of your home is crucial. There’s a lot of think about, but if your realtor doesn’t know, they could end up showing you a bunch of homes that you’d never consider purchasing.

Stay Consistent

It’s understandable that after seeing what the market has to offer, you’ll adjust some of your wants and expectations. But there comes a point where you need to stay fairly consistent in what you’re looking for.

If a homebuyer is constantly changing their mind, it can make the realtor’s job incredibly difficult.

Reach Out to Them

The first step in helping a real estate agent find your next home is to contact them. Whether you’re ready to buy now, or you’re looking to in the next year, it doesn’t hurt to have a discussion.

At Metro San Diego Realty, we utilize the full MLS in San Diego to find our clients the home they’ve been searching for. Contact us today!

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