Even in a city known for its sunshine, there are bad San Diego real estate agents who cast a cloud over the entire industry. It’s a sad but true reality of any industry. Thankfully, there are some pretty telltale signs that you’ve stumbled upon a bad agent.

For Buyers

If you are on the hunt for a new house, whether it is your first or your next, it’s a great idea to enlist the aid of a real estate agent. They often know the areas well and can help you find exactly what you are looking for within your price range.

However, there are a few red flags that you should be looking for when working with a real estate agent.

Avoid the Push

If your real estate agent is pushing you towards a house in La Jolla when you are really a Pacific Beach kind of person, you are likely dealing with someone who is just trying to make a sale, not find you your dream home.

Bad real estate agents ignore the wants and needs of their clients. They will try to sell houses for a bigger commission or that they’ve been unable to sell for quite some time.

Look for an agent who asks a ton of questions about what you are looking for in a home, then shows you houses that match your style. Keep in mind that it’s not always easy to find a home that has every last feature on your list, but if you feel like your real estate agent is ignoring your opinions, get out immediately.

For Sellers

Selling a property is a massive undertaking. Between marketing, finding prospective buyers, scheduling showings and everything else, the work can add up really quickly. That’s why working with a real estate agent is always a great idea, but bad real estate agents can make selling more work that it has to be. That’s why you should watch out for the signs of a bad agent.

Avoid Yes Men and Women

Good agents represent your interests. Great agents fight for your interests, even if it means disagreeing with you.

Real estate agents who go along with everything that you say can lead you into trouble. It’s usually a sign of someone who doesn’t know the industry and is just eager to please. You likely hired an agent for his or her expertise, so shouldn’t you want someone who willing to protect your interests, even from yourself?

This doesn’t mean you should blindly trust your agent. If in doubt, ask for the research and proof behind their advice, but high tail it out of there if your agent lacks defining leadership qualities.

Avoid Inexperience or Lack of Resources

If it seems like your agent is not doing a whole lot to sell your property, he or she likely isn’t. There are a lot of tools and resources out there for real estate agents to use. If you your agent doesn’t know about them or seems reluctant to use them, it is likely due to a lack of experience or tenacity.

Your real estate agent should seem eager to sell your property, always.

Red Flags for Anyone

Whether you are buying or selling a home, these signs should turn you away from a real estate agent immediately.

  • Lack of Communication: if weeks have gone by and you haven’t heard from your agent, he or she is showing a lack of commitment.
  • Unprofessional Behavior: if your agent shows up late to meetings or is dressed for the beach, you should look elsewhere for help.
  • Shady Behavior: if your agent ever proposes something that doesn’t seem legal, is unwilling to disclose fees or commission rates or forces you to sign contracts with vague language, you should end the relationship immediately.

Find Your White Knight

This shouldn’t turn you off from working with a real estate agent. It should just make you a bit more vigilant when searching for the person who will represent your interests in the best way possible.

The agents at Metro San Diego Realty have been in this business for years. We have seen good and bad agents everywhere, and are always willing to help those who have fallen victim to the few bad apples in the industry. Contact us today to start your search or put your house on the market.

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