One of the most exciting things about San Diego real estate is the diversity that you can see in the houses. Traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood, you will eventually see everything from 19th century Victorians to mid century modern houses.

Although the style of homes in the 21st century has yet to take on a theme of its own life, one thing the new millennium has brought homeowners is innovations in smart home technology. Houses have gone from being standard dwellings to being filled with thinking machines that make the lives of modern homeowners simpler than ever.

From smart devices to automated amenities, these are some of the most innovative features you can look for in modern homes.

Self-Adjusting Thermostats

In early 1900s, modern air conditioning made its way into society. By the 1950s, window units were installed into many houses across the country. When central air came along in the 1970s, it was a blessing to people who owned larger houses.

In the most modern houses, we now see smart thermostats that can be controlled via Wi-Fi. They even have the ability to sense when you are home, what room you are in and how hot it is outside in order to adjust each zone of the house accordingly. These devices are not only making life more convenient, they are also saving homeowners money on energy bills.

Automatic Door Locks

Smart locks are becoming more common because they make homes more secure and allow homeowners to easily enter their homes without fumbling for keys.

Most smart locks can be locked and unlocked using a smartphone, meaning users can automatically lock up their house from afar if they forgot to when they left. Sellers also tout everything from fingerprint locking technology to the ability to take pictures and show users who is currently at their front door.

When combined with modern security systems, these smart door locks can turn any house into a modern day fortress.

Automated Curtains and Lights

There are thermostats that react to changing temperatures, so it makes sense that there would also be lights that automatically dim and brighten based on how bright it is outside. To take it a step further, there are even smart curtains that will automatically open and close based on how bright it is outside. When combined together, both gadgets have the ability to ensure that each room users step into is perfectly lit at all times.

You Can Even Have One Ring to Control Them All

One smart entrepreneur apparently read The Lord of the Rings and got a really great idea one day. Ring ZERO is an accessory device that has the ability to control many of the smart home devices that exist today.

The ring is worn on a person’s index finger and pairs with iOS and Android devices, allowing users to control their smart devices by making certain gestures with their hands. It can be used to turn on TVs, lights, open curtains and much more.

Find Your Perfect House

Are you looking to have any of this technology in your new home? Contact one of our realtors today and they will help you find the best house that will perfectly fit your budget.

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